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Thomas Kinkade Tree With Lights, Moving Train, Music

Josef Originals Birthday Figurines

Josef New Baby Doll
Great figurine to celebrate the newborn baby!

Featuring New and Vintage Collectible Josef Originals Birthday Dolls and Birthday Figurines

We have found wonderful Birthday figurines from Josef Originals. These birthday figurines are often used as Birthday Cake Toppers.  Now made by Applause, the originals were ceramic figurines by Muriel Joseph George made in California from 1945 to 1962. The company was sold to George Good in 1982 and later became Southland Corporation. Today the Josef Originals Birthday Girl Series are still being made by Applause.

For a collectible doll for that special occasion, see also our beautiful Madame Alexander Birthday dolls. And if your child loves Barbie, check out the Barbie Birthday Dolls and Party Supplies.

Sometimes misspelled as Joseph Originals Birthday figurines.

Josef One Year Doll
Great birthday cake topper for a first birthday!

Josef Originals: Charming Figurines
Includes the history of Josef Originals and California ceramicist Mauriel Josef George. Over 700 photographs.

Josef Original Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
Josef Originals Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Figurines
Josef OriginalS Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom Figurines by Josef Originals

Josef Two Year Doll
The 2 year old Josef Originals angel holds a sweet teddie bear!

Josef Three Year Doll
Your 3 year old will love this Josef Originals Angel on her cake!

Josef Four Year Doll
4 Year Joseph Original Figurine
Josef Five Year Doll
Age 5 Josef Originals Birthday Figurine.

Josef Six Year Doll
A 6 year old will love this angel on her cake!

Josef Seven Year Doll
Age 7 Josef Originals Doll carrying her own baby doll.

Josef Eight Year Doll
Age 8 Josef Original Birthday Doll.
Josef Nine Year Doll
Beautiful Blue Josef Original Figurine!

Josef Ten Year Doll
Age 10 Birthday Angel!

Josef Eleven Year Doll
Age 11 Birthday Figurine.  

Josef Twelve Year Doll
Age 12, Josef Originals Birthday Figurine, carries a looking glass.
Josef Thirteen Year Doll
Age 13 Josef Original Angel talks on the phone.

Josef Fourteen Year Doll
Age 14 Josef Originals. You sparkle like a diamond.

Josef Fifteen Year Doll
Age 15 Josef Originals carries a gift.

Josef Sixteen Year Doll
Age 16 Josef Originals carries flowers.


Josef Seventeen Year Doll
Age 17 Josef Originals Figurine plays sweet music.

Josef Eighteen Year Doll
Age 18 Josef Originals carries a fan.

Josef Nineteen Year Doll
Josef Originals Age 19. You are about to leave the teenage world behind.

Josef Twenty Year Doll
Josef Originals Birthday, Age 20. All your dreams are starting to come true.
Josef Twenty One Year Doll
Josef Originals Birthday Figurine, Age 21, Carrying a Present.

Josef Originals: A Second Look
Tells the story of the figurines made by Muriel Joseph George since World War II.  

Josef Originals: Figurines of Muriel Joseph George
If you're a Josef Originals collector, pick up a book to see some of the vintage pieces!  

Find Vintage Josef Originals Figurines on ebay!

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